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The Americans keep hoping the Iraqi people will overthrow Saddam Hussein. Don’t bet on it. Paul Eedle investigates Saddam’s survival.


Stories from Paul’s notebook

Food needs oil exports needs time

Who runs the weapons inspectors?

Depleted uranium and Iraqi cancers

Iraq’s elite at play

Iraq’s Christians celebrate Easter

The mystical order of the Qadiris

Journalism in the shadow of Big Brother

Who’s to blame for the dying children?

Art and escapism in Saddam’s Iraq



Explore modern Iraq in depth: interactive map of the country; weapons issues; Saddam & family; hear Saddam speak; Iraqi digi-art

Arab views are usually filtered through Western journalists. Access them directly here. Courtesy of the Mideast Mirror.


Find out what you know about Iraq and then plug the gaps with the Iraq Newsquest.


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It’s Paul fourth time in Iraq and he speaks Arabic.