How to eat a biscuit in an NBC suit
This is an emergency procedure. Ideally, you won't have to wear the suit so long that you get hungry (or need to go to the bathroom).

1. Decontaminate your gloves, respirator Primary Speech Module (the plastic bit in front of your mouth), eating utensil and food container using Fuller's Earth (talcum powder, more or less - shake it on and brush it off. It's made of clay, which absorbs toxins.)

2. Unfasten the velcro strap holding the neck of your jacket closed. Unwrap your biscuit and hold it by the wrapper.

3. Steady your breathing, then hold your breath.

4. Close your eyes, hold the respirator by the Primary Speech Module and lift it up and away from your face.

5. Bite a piece of biscuit and put it under your tongue.

6. Put the respirator back and blow out.

7. Swallow the piece of biscuit.

8. Repeat for each bite.

9. Re-fasten the velcro round your neck.

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