What if you're an Iraqi?
The truth is, biological and chemical weapons are terrifying because they are so hard to defend against. Soldiers in a rich country's army can improve their chances of survival with hi-tec equipment and relentless training. The British have invented a new anthrax vaccine since the Gulf War (which is only fair, since they worked so hard to develop anthrax in the first place). NBC suits, NAPS tablets and Atropine injections used by highly trained troops will reduce the numbers killed in a nerve gas attack.

But what if you're an Iraqi who just happens to live next door to an office block where your government has been storing nerve gas in the basement? What do you do when the Americans bomb the building and crack the vats so the gas leaks out? What if you're an Indian migrant worker in Kuwait when Saddam fires a short-range missile loaded with anthrax at US troops?

You probably die.

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