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New US thinking


New US thinking

In January, ten Americans who have held top jobs in past administrations, Democrat and Republican, gave President Obama a crisply-written and practical peace plan for the Middle East, 'A Last Chance for a Two-State Israel-Palestine Agreement'.

It argues three key points, all of which are reflected in Joe Biden's speech to AIPAC:

"Previous initiatives having failed, the incoming administration will no doubt be urged to defer or avoid renewed engagement for three reasons: 

 1. Prioritizing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would distract the new president from efforts to address critical challenges to the nation’s security:  Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Russia, and threats from terror organizations. 

 2. Peace cannot be imposed by the U.S.A. or any outside party.  The only enduring solution will be one conceived by the parties themselves. 

 3. Pressing both sides to reach agreement may risk angering domestic constituencies. 

 We believe all three arguments are invalid."