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Help the UK Iraq Inquiry to succeed


Help the UK Iraq Inquiry to succeed

Created on Thursday, 30 July 2009 17:13
Written by Paul Eedle
The UK Iraq Inquiry started work on 30 July and its chair, Sir John Chilcott, promised open hearings and transcripts on the Web. How can we make sure the Inquiry really investigates the questions that British and Iraqi people affected by the war want answered?

Sir John told a press conference launching the Inquiry: "One of our first priorities is to hear from the families of those who died during the conflict and others who were seriously affected, including veterans groups.  We want to know what they think the Inquiry’s priorities should be."

It doesn't sound as if Sir John was expecting to hear from Iraqis. But he must. They are the people most directly affected by Britain's role in Iraq and they have vital evidence to submit about the impact of British policies and the performance of British troops.

Can we mobilise bilingual Iraqis to translate the Inquiry's proceedings into Arabic and translate Iraqis' messages to the Inquiry into English?

All suggestions welcome on how we can make the Inquiry truly accountable and responsive. Please add comments here or use the Facebook group.